August Wall Shelf

H130 cm x W138 cm x D30 cm

 A broad, sweeping wall shelf from a fine august. Inspired by industrial scaffolding and the progress it represents, the asymmetry is modular so it can wrap around the rest of the space. The distances between struts and shelves is up to you, just let us know what you'd like to see.

1900 HKD

Available for Custom Lengths


Available for other Surface Finishes

The Wood portion of this design can be made in OSB or any other wood like Pine and Mango. Just let us know!

The price listed on our website is for OSB only. Contact us for the price of the more exotic wood variations.

Learn more below on our process with finishing wood surfaces.


Steel Legs Finish and Colors

We think these are the colors and finishes that work great for this design.

However there are many other color and finish options that will make this special just for you. Just let us know!